Who are we?

Our highly trained and skilled technicians can diagnose and sort out any problems you may have.
- Advanced system diagnostics
- Virus, Malware, Spyware and Root Kit removal
- Data backup and recovery
- System tune ups and upgrades
- Format and reload of Windows, Drivers and Updates
- Program install and set up.
- Component Installation
- RAM and Hard drive upgrades
- Free advice on achieving the best possible performance from you trusty computer



Doctor Laptop is your one stop shop for all your computer problems.
Our technicians have many years of experience with all brands of laptops and PC”s. Training by Laptop & PC manufacturers to perform complex servicing (including to SMD component level) guarantees the highest standard and most comprehensive repairs .

We are also do mobile phone repairs now.

Recycling Programme

Doctor Laptop carries a wide range of spare parts for Laptops and Home computers. We can source new and recycled parts from all over the World to help keep your Laptop running.

Dr Laptop is your drop off point for unwanted Laptops, PC's and LCD monitors (Note: old style monitors (CRT) must be recycled through your local authority). Dispose of any unwanted computer hardware thoughtfully as they contain many different toxic elements.